Case Study: The Legacy at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q3 2022)

Concierge Director: Mayya Burlakova

Patient Name: Leslie C.

Admission Date: 07/17/2022

Admitted from: Boca Regional Hospital

Discharge Date: 08/22/2022

Discharge To: Home

Length to Stay: 36 days

Reason for Stay: Recovery from Periprosthetic fracture around the internal prosthetic left hip joint, subsequent encounter, and the presence of left artificial hip joint. She had a history of falling and unsteadiness on her feet. The patient required assistance with personal care.

How did this patient hear about The Legacy of Boca Raton: She was our employee.

Details of Experience:

Leslie Curtis is a 67-year-old woman who came to the Legacy at Boca Raton on July 17th from Boca Regional Hospital with a diagnosed periprosthetic fracture to the left hip joint. She had a history of falling and unsteadiness on her feet and required assistance with personal care.

As an employee of The Legacy, Leslie is aware of our outstanding physical therapy program. She also knows the community’s dedicated, caring CNAs, nurses, and nice, cozy rooms will support and accommodate her stay. Each room is equipped with individual refrigerators and TV, an exotic landscape, and the surrounding lake has wonderful window views. There is a patio available to residents where they can chat with each other all year round. Snacks are provided throughout the day. Musical shows and bingo make days more enjoyable.

When Ms. Leslie first came to Legacy, she was scared and defensive, but encouragement from her therapists and all team members determined her to regain her independence. Her treatment included therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular reeducation, occupational therapy therapeutic activities, self-care management training, and wheelchair management training. She received therapy six times weekly for four weeks. 

When she arrived, she was totally dependent on bed mobility and transfers. She was only able to ambulate five feet. At the time of discharge, she had returned to her prior level of functional abilities. Leslie safely performed bed mobility tasks with modified independence without the use of side rails. She safely performed functional transfers with modified independence. Leslie was able to ambulate 300 feet using the least restrictive device safely. She was able, with modified independence, to ascent/descend one step to enter and exit the discharge location using a front-wheeled walker.

Leslie not only physically regained her independence, but she regained her emotional strength and self-reliance. She was very pleased and thanked everyone for providing her with the best of care.

We wish her a happy and healthy 2022 and beyond.