Case Study: The Legacy at Boca Raton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Q4 2023)
Concierge Director: Mayya Burlakova
Patient Name: Romoff Douglas
Admission Date: 09/27/2023
Admitted From: Acute care/Short Term JFK Hospital
Discharge Date: 08/10/2023
Discharge To: Resident has transitioned into a long-term resident
Length of Stay: 6 weeks (43 days)
Reason for Stay: Acute and subacute infective endocarditis, other streptococcus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere, Encounter for surgical aftercare following surgery on the circulatory system. The presence of prosthetic heart valves. Muscle weakness(generalized)
How did this patient hear about The Legacy: The family toured and researched before admission

Details of experience:

Doug is a 67-year-old man who came to the Legacy on September 2023, from JFK hospital for rehabilitation. His cardiologist at the hospital was Doctor Norres. He has warm memories of him. From the family’s visit to our community and their research, they liked that the community is located at the heart of Boca Raton. The family found our community clean and well-maintained. Each room is equipped with individual refrigerators, TVs, and views of exotic landscapes surrounding a lake, making for wonderful window views. The community has two gyms: an occupational therapy gym and a physical therapy gym, both well equipped. There are outdoor patios where patients and residents can chat with each other and their loved ones all year round. They heard that The Legacy has a great reputation and outstanding physical therapy with a dedicated, caring nursing staff. Concierge services are a terrific addition to the community. Residents enjoy snacks between meals, live music three times a week, birthday parties, bingo, and various classes.

Upon his arrival he was scared and felt he was in the wrong place. Our staff welcomed Douglas to the community. He felt like he was greeting old friends. When he opened his eyes in the morning on the day after admission, he fell in love with the outdoor surroundings, especially our outdoor patio. From the beginning, Douglas was determined to regain his independence. He has an extraordinarily strong spirit. First, he was evaluated by Nursing, then Physical and Occupational therapists.

Our staff develop an individual plan of recovery and renewal. All the goals were in place so Douglas could safely regain his independence. His functional assessment was: Physical therapy: Bed mobility = Partial/moderate assistance, transfers = Partial/moderate assistance. Occupational Therapy: Upper body dressing=Substantial /maximal assistance, Hygiene/Grooming =Independent, Bathing =Moderate assistance, Toileting = Moderate assistance, Low body dressing= Max assistance. Frequency of therapy 6 times a week.

During recovery, the patient demonstrated good rehab potential, as evidenced by cognitive functioning, supportive caregivers, and motivation to participate. Intervention Provided: Skilled treatment interventions included instructing and training patient in compensatory strategies, energy conservation techniques, environmental modifications, positioning maneuvers, proper body mechanics, Restorative Nursing Program, safe transfer techniques, safety precautions, self-care/skin checks and use assistive devices(s) to maximize function and increase independence. Douglas made consistent progress throughout the Plan of Treatment. Douglas discharge status was the following: Physical Therapy: Bed Mobility = moderate assistance, chair/bed-to-chair transfer=moderate assistance, Gait=moderate assistance, Occupational Therapy: Self-Feeding = independent, Bathing =Supervised Assistance, Hygiene/Grooming = Independent, Toileting = Supervised Assistance, Upper Body Dressing = Independent, Low Body dressing =Supervision or touching assistance. During recovery, Douglas made consistent progress throughout the Plan of Treatment. After his workout he liked watching TV and spending time outside on the patio. His prognosis to Maintenance current level of function is Good, with consistent staff follow-through.

Discharge recommendation: transition into our community to Long Term Care. Douglas will benefit from further skilled Occupational therapy Active Daily Life Program Established/Trained: Upper Extremities/ Low Extremities active daily life using hemi dressing techniques.

He is happy to stay in our community and continue to recover and we are thrilled to have him.